I will say this about myself; I’m bit of an odd kid.

With an unbridled curiosity, a spirit for adventure and a lively appetite, there was no stopping me as a child.

Add to that an interest in learning and you end up with a girl who has more education than she knows what to do with in more fields than employers know how to hire.

In short, I have tried working in all my education’s fields, respectively.

And have failed to lead a life separated.

It is no mere fantasy (or maybe it is) to bring my childhood, family history and education in the culinary arts, my work as a photographer and my business experience into one whole. I know this is absolutely crazy, but I have to try.

I have cooked my whole life.

Arguably this is what I know best.

Baking, unsupervised as a 7-yearold my mother quickly realized that I was going to be a cook, and there would be no way of keeping me out of that kitchen. Hence, she decided that it would be best to show me how to use the kitchen in a safe manner. If I was going to use the oven, at least I would know how to do it.

I have worked on Lively Appetite for almost 4 years now. I want to teach, create and explore food and the experiences that we have surrounding food. This is not enough… It feels as if a part of me is missing…

You cannot simply discard 10 years of photography and and a lifetime of art.

I have a passion for the visual arts and a skill set  that was going to waste, laying dormant. therefore, I am incorporating Champagne Hippie Photography. Another experiment to build my portfolio, work on creative visual projects and seek to combine my passions in interesting ways.

Documenting the food I eat, the places I travel and the experiences that shape me is what I have to share. It’s an experiment and an adventure, and I invite all to join me on my very unconventional path.

Experimenting is fun, come play along!

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