We arrived in DC after an easy flight from Honolulu.

We’d spend a few days with friends in DC and then try for a Space-A flight from Andrews AFB to wherever we could get to in Europe. From there we would make our way to Nimes and the rest of Europe. (A Space-A flight is short for Space Available. Basically you get to ride in a large Air Force Freight Carrier if there is room for passengers to wherever the airplane is going. This is a benefit to active duty and retired military personnel).

We would bee-bop around DC as I have never really spent much time there and this is one of my man’s old stomping grounds. He loves the food and wanted to share some of his favorites with me.


Bar Crawl alt Old Ebbitt’s

Arriving in DC was one thing but Space A flights are posted every 72 hours and can vary dramatically. As soon as we landed, I thought to check the flight status and saw that there was a flight leaving for Ram stein, Germany the next evening.

Suddenly, there wasn’t a lot of bee-bopping going on. We had one day to do it all. Our answer, bar crawl! A little bit of day drinking and sight seeing; all while nibbling on all sorts of tasty things was the plan for the day.



#oysters; #happyhour; #JoesDC;

Happy Hour oysters at Joe’s.

Our friends drove us to Andrews and delivered us to the Passenger terminal. The moment we walked in it was apparent that we would not be two of the lucky 23 passengers to fly to Ramstein that evening. There were over 40 people waiting for the same flight we were. Our suspicions were quickly confirmed.

Damn and Blast.

The nice guy behind the counter, however, assured us that if we wanted to travel to McGuire AFB, there were flights the next day with plenty of space on two flights going to Europe.

That’s nearly 200 miles away!

We called our friends, asked them to pick up and we all went to dinner. We will sort this out in the morning…

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