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Brulee, it’s for bread too!

I don’t even like French toast, and now I know why.

On a recent lunch date, my dining companion and I were at a very cool little restaurant that was also serving Brunch. We were not there for brunch but my friend loves French Toast and we considered getting some for dessert, if we have room.

And then I saw the unbelievable; the chef poured sugar on the cooked French Toast and then Brulee’d them.

Immediately I wanted that. That little crunch sugary crust is exactly what is missing from this dish.


My man will often make himself French Toast for breakfast and I never partake. But my world has been changed.


A few days later, while working on some ideas, I had a hankering,  but the only bread I had was a panettone that I had made over Christmas and had frozen half of. having defrosted it a few days earlier, it was ready to get toasted. And not in the mood for the whole experience, I sliced a few slices of bread, popped them in the toaster, to get them a little warm and the chocolate melted. I sprinkled some sugar on, got the torch out and set ablaze to the sweet bread.

The result was exactly what I was looking for: Sweet, chocolatey toasted bread with a beautiful caramel sugary crunch.


My panettone Recipe is adapted from a Serious Eats recipe where I replace the Cherries with Chocolate and the Hazelnuts with Chestnuts.


My adaptation will be along soon.



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