Hail to the return of my own Creativity

I wonder sometimes where my creativity comes from and what drives my creative spirit.
Although to be entirely honest, there has not been too much of those juices in the past three years.
Call it mourning, if you must.

It is not as if I have done nothing the past three years; I ate amazing meals cooked with love, I traveled to places that made me feel alive and filled with childlike wonder,I met the love of my life and remain head over heels in love with this man.
I have experienced life, and I have failed to catalog it.

But in the last month I seem to have found it. All of it. The art school dreams, the drive to produce art. Even my cooking has gotten better.
For the first time in a very long time I feel inspired and driven to produce.

Maybe finally I can turn this little site into exactly what it needs to be. What I dreamed it would be when I started it several years ago. What I imagined I would create with my education and experience. A place where I could bring my passion for Food, Photography and Travel to one place and experiment until something makes sense.

So here, I am turning a new page, and I will be making some changes to this site and start catering it to my dream. I will be posting photos – building my portfolio back up and working freelance on anything I can get my hands on.
I will be writing recipes and making my silly little food videos (which to this point I have been too self conscious to post).
And I will better catalog my travels and experiences.
After all, I do live in Hawaii and have done a very poor job of sharing this experience.

Welcome back inspiration.

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