How I love a vessel.


My love for vessels may border on fetish, I am well aware of this.

But really, how could you not take these lovelies home with you? Maybe it was because I buy bowls the same way some girls buy shoes.

Typical girl:

“Having a bad day?””Why yes, I think a will buy some shoes to cheer me up.”


“Having a bad day?”
“Yep, BUT Look at all the pretty bowls I bought!”

And honestly it is not just food bowls, really any kind of vessel will bring this little burst of joy to my life. Things that hold other things.

These particular finds were not really intentional, I was really looking for some pho bowls. Believe it or not, I do not cook every meal. And I love pho. So every once in a while I walk to my corner pho shop and get some to take home with me. This, paired with some bahn mi, you have this girl’s favorite comfort food. Fortunately you can get these both at your local Vietnamese restaurant. Living in Hawaii will make you love these foods, pho being a thin brothy beef soup, with rice noodles, and a myriad of beef “products” in it, everthing from brisket, and thin slices of beef to tripe, tendon and beef balls (not a testicle, and also not a meatball, but some sort of beef product of tastiness). Hmmmm Bahn mi. These are vietnamese sandwiches, made with some of the best French bread you will ever taste (this is due to Vietnam beloning to France for such a very long time). with pickled daikon, carrots and some lovely meats and cilantro.

So back to the bowls. I am in this little Japanese market looking for pho bowls as I wanted something ceramic, preferrably porcelain. Most restaurant supply companies only sell the porcelain ones in case count size. And I am not opening a Vietnamese restaurant or feeding a small Third WOrld Country which would make 12 so very unnecessary, I really only need four bowls.

And believe me, there is no shortage of porcelain bowls in this place. Now my search has boiled down to which pattern I can see myself eating out of. I really want something simple, with almost a minimalist design, if any. But, alas, I settle on a little hand painted curly design. Not my favorite, but they will do nicely.

Pho Bowls

As for the really cool bowls, these were the ones that initially caught my eye, but they are not good for pho, too shallow and wide, pho needs a nice deep bowl. I just could not leave the store without these two, they are pretty and I can imagine the beautiful food that I will be putting in them. The lighter, almost white one I can see with a cold soba noodle salad. the blue one may get some sort of spicy eggplant salad.

Colorful food for colorful bowls. My obsession is justified.


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