My obsession is only now becoming clear to me…

I have always loved cast Iron.In fact, most of my cookware is cast iron.

Whether enameled or seasoned, really cheap or monstrously expensive, I love cooking with the stuff.
It really is the best value for money, even heating, heat retention and the fact that maintenance is pretty easy…

But wait! There’s more!

Non-enameled cast iron cookware will actually impart some iron into the foods that are cooked in these vessels, therefore giving it a great flavor.

Also, their even heating is second only to copper cookware (that no one can afford).

This is versatile cookware, you can use it on ANY heating surface, including a campfire.

Not to mention that it will last for decades and even generations if you take a little time and care for your pans.
Besides all these really great reasons to own them, you can sear a steak like nobody’s business in cast iron, and then transfer the entire pan into the oven to finish it off, then back onto the stove to make you pan dripping sauce. Who needs a grill when you have cast iron and high heat?

Now, you may ask what brought on this rant? Well, this post and the previous, both have  cast iron pans in the photo… Once my cookware was documented photographically did I realize that I may have a small obsession. I make pot pies in the pan, desserts, last night it was a frittata (only because I really needed to clean out the fridge). But you must see that is really no reason not have my obsession too. It’s a healthy one, and can be very rewarding, flavor-wise.


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