Sandwiches! It’s what you do with leftovers

There comes a point in the month where guilt inevitably sets in as I look at the freezer (and how empty it is), I look in the refrigerator (and also see how empty that is); then I open the crisper and there is a plethora of previously beautiful vegetables that are hanging on for dear life. The zucchini, the yellow squash, the portabella mushrooms, red bell peppers, red onions and the list goes on.

As I live with a man, who is still un-learning that broccoli is a horrible vegetation meant to scare small children, and considers iceberg lettuce to be nutritious, it is at times hard to utilize all these beauties.

So I have resorted to making sandwiches. Who doesn’t love sandwiches, right?

I slice these thin on my trusty mandolin and grill them with a little oil, salt pepper and only on the zucchini did I add some crushed red pepper for spice. I then spread some herbed chèvre on my day old baguette (yup that gets old in my house too; but it toasts better this way) pile the veggies in and broil for a minute and then drizzle with my balsamic glaze.

This mad my night, and the man’s too.


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